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A very sweet project that us living working. It’s a new business dedicated to exclusive sweet’s and pastries, specializing in American pastry, at Vilassar de Mar.

Project consists of several parts, naming, branding, packaging, web and interior design. They needs a design differences those of its competition. The name Candy Kitxen appeals to cuisine and sweets. The formulation of the multilingual naming connects a catalan phoneme”tx”with an apparently Anglo-Saxon name. The identity is accompanied by a set of graphics that reinforce and facilitate the assimilation of the concept: kitchen elements and forms of traditional sweets. The chromatism of the brand represent its thoroughness and simplicity, as well as gives you a most select appearance.

Developed several graphical applications around the brand, signage, posters, packaging, stamps, stationery, including color codes to distinguish different types of candy.

With a small local 42m2 where the space is little, needed to be divided into 3 areas: kitchen, counter, and space for customer self-service. A good distribution of space was essential, hence, custom-made, is designed to meet the needs of the store occupying minimal space.